Things to do in Mallorca

Things to do in Mallorca 10/05/18

Mallorca is arguably the most beautiful Mediterranean island with beautiful weather, amazing scenery and delicious cuisine. The island boasts a trendy and cosmopolitan lifestyle attracting people from different countries and different languages to settle down here.

With Mallorca’s growing multi-lingual culture it’s no surprise that many people decide to live on the island. Not only that, the island of Mallorca has many things to see and do.

Visit the cultured city of Palma

When you experience new cultures it’s important to visit the countries capital so you can soak in the atmosphere and explore the culture. Mallorca’s capital of Palma certainly does not lack in things to do. From cultural experiences to

One attraction that stands out in Palma is the huge 13th century Cathedral that overlooks the bay of Palma. This Mallorcan landmark is open to visitors between the hours of 10am - 6.15pm during the summer months. Visit the Cathedrals website for more information>

Explore the Bellver Castle that sits on top of a hill a 3km west of the city centre or take a stroll down the harbour, Palma offers something for everyone.

Spend time at the beach

Mallorca is blessed with a wide range of different types of beaches, from rugged rocky coves to beautiful white sandy beaches, there are over 200 beaches so you will be spoilt for choice.

One of our favourite beaches to visit in Mallorca is the Cala Millor, this is by far the longest beach on the eastern coast of the island stretching from Cala Bona to N’Amer. This is the perfect beach for a long stroll on a beautiful summer night.

Explore Mallorca by sea

Go on some of the islands most popular boat tours to to explore the local sea life. Tour around the Bay of Alcudia to watch dolphins in their natural habitat or climb aboard a catamaran and discover the whole shoreline of Mallorca.

Or if you are more adventurers Mallorca offer some of the most unique cave explorations. The Cuevas del Drach, located on the eastern coast of the island is one of the most popular cave tours where you can explore inside the caves lakes on a rowing boat. Visit the website for tour information>


Many people visit and live in Mallorca for its perfect cycling routes, some of the most popular include Alcudia to La Victoria Cycling Route, a short but challenging rout in the North West of the island. Explore Mallorcas beaches with the Cala Millor to Porto Cristo Cycling Route that takes you along the east coastline of Mallorca, perfect for families wanting to take plenty of beach breaks along the way. If you are looking to stay near the capital you must try cycling from Palma to Playa De Palma, there is a special cycling path that runs from the northern end of Palma docks all the way to S’Arenal in the south.

There is so much more you can explore if you live on the most beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca. Here at Mundo Mediterraneo we offer the most exclusive properties for sale in Mallorca and id you don’t believe us, check them out for yourself and contact us for more information.