Best Places to Live in Mallorca

Best Places to Live in Mallorca 06/09/19
With the island itself being described as one of the most idyllic locations to call home, we’ve decided to look at the best places to live in Mallorca. Relocating here presents you with the chance to live in a warm Mediterranean setting year-round and there are many luxury cities and towns that offer great real estate investments. Mallorca truly is one of the best places to live in the world for many reasons: the relaxed way of life, the climate, the range of things to do and the affordable living being some of them. Whether you’re looking for a quiet holiday home in a tranquil setting or want a homely apartment close to the hustle and bustle, there are plenty of opportunities to find your perfect property in Mallorca. However, with so much choice, it can often be difficult knowing where to look. Here’s what we think are some of the best places to live in Mallorca.

Choosing to Live in Mallorca

As the largest Balearic island - reaching 43 miles across and 62 miles from north to south - there are many pros when it comes to choosing a life in Mallorca. It’s a naturally beautiful place to live, with stunning views to be witnessed wherever you are. Whether you want to be close to one of the 262 beaches or would like to be a little further inland so that the countryside is on your doorstep, there are many great places to live in Mallorca.

Often titled ‘The California of Europe’, Mallorca is one of the most favoured islands of the Mediterranean for property investors. Across the island, Mallorca boasts a multinational community, so you’re sure to feel right at home. If you opt for a popular resort, you’ll come across expats every day. The more inland you go, you’ll more likely be living among locals.

3 Top-Rated Places to Purchase Property in Mallorca

Around 894,000 people live in Mallorca, with approximately 16,000 of them being British expats. If you’re thinking about being of those but are unsure of what areas you should be looking at, we’ve picked out three of the best places to live in Mallorca (though it was hard to narrow it down).

Port D'andratx

Port d’Andratx is often described as a modest region, though there is more to this area than first meets the eye! Properties here have the benefit of having the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range as a backdrop, offering a sense of luxury. What’s more, the restaurants and bars, a yacht club, contemporary art, designer shopping and summertime concerts all add to the charm and appeal of living here. Typically, Port D'andratx is relatively quiet during winter, though it really comes alive during the summer months. So you get the best of both worlds here! It’s located in the south west and is becoming an increasingly popular area to invest in Spanish real estate.


While in Sóller, you’re sure to feel the distinctly French atmosphere on offer. It’s a town that’s active year-round and has an impressive range of amenities and things to do. Though properties here are surrounded by the mountains, you have easy access to and from town. There’s a tight-knit international community in Sóller, with everything from quaint townhouses to extravagant villas on offer. It’s found on the west side of the island, with great little towns such as Orient and Mancor de la Vall being close by.

Port de Pollença

Slightly more known to tourists is the area of Port de Pollença, found in the north of Mallorca. There’s a range of facilities and services here, allowing you to enjoy a great social life. Though shops and restaurants can close their doors during winter months, the summer really brings the area into its own. No matter the time of year, the scenery is beautiful. The historic town has narrow roads and a compact centre, which enhance the region’s unique character. Sandy beaches and golf facilities are what attract many tourists to the area, but there’s no reason you can enjoy them on a daily basis when living here! Most properties here are apartments, though you can manage to pick up a villa for a great price if you need something a little bigger.