Restaurants in Mallorca

Mallorcan gastronomy reflects all the cultures that have characterised the island. Fish, shellfish, vegetables and fruits, olive oil, almonds, exquisite wines… Are the most usual products but there is also that special sweet flavour that is added to meat and fish, which is so peculiar to Mediterranean cuisine.

Over the past fifteen years, Mallorcan gastronomy has undergone a complete renovation, giving rise to a wide selection of restaurants which combine traditional elements with the latest trends in international cuisine.


So, make sure you read on to discover the top restaurants and “chiringuitos” of Mallorca. If you are planning you’re next holidays, you should know that Mallorca is a luxury to taste!



Mundo Mediterráneo introduces 8 top restaurants for you that have been awarded with a Michelín star or are included in the famous Repsol Guide: this is an insider’s guide to the gourmet landscape on the Mediterranean island – whether you are looking for a secluded restaurant in a rural setting or a first-line eatery by the sea. There are so many great restaurants on Mallorca and with new ones opening regularly, it’s not easy to keep up-to-date with the gourmet scene.

Simply Fosh
Raco Des Teix
Es Sum Restaurant in Mallorca
Es Moli D'en bou
Forn De Sant Joan
El Jardin