Restaurants in Mallorca

If your tastebuds are seeking out flavour then Mallorca is going to be perfect for you, with a huge range of cultures creating a taste extravaganza. With a concoction of Fish, Shellfish, exotic vegetables & fruits, with the finest olive oil, almonds and exquisite wine to accompany. But what gives it that Meditteranean flair is the spices & flavours.

Over the last decade, there has been a revamp in restaurants available in Mallorca, combining with the traditional ways of the area, with a modern twist on international cuisine. One thing is for sure, you will not get bored with what food is on offer.


Here at Mundo Mediterráneo, we have selected our top 8 restaurants, so you know exactly where to go and find some delicious and authentic food. These are some of the finest eateries, not only in Mallorca but the world! With Michelin star awards… So it comes down to what sort of environment you enjoy; if you prefer a secluded place with a picturesque rural setting or a livelier place by the ocean. So take a look at our choices below and feast your eyes on our best choices.

Simply Fosh
Raco Des Teix
Es Sum Restaurant in Mallorca
Es Moli D'en bou
Forn De Sant Joan
El Jardin