Things to do in West Mallorca

The west coast enjoys one of the most spectacular sunsets of the Mediterranean. This region is studded with traditional “finca’s” that allow the cultivation of olive- and fruit trees on the typical hillside terraces. Here are the traditional picturesque villages of Valldemossa, Deià, Sóller and Fornalutx. These villages show off a spectacular setting with small alleys filled with bougainvillea’s climbing up the houses.

Things to do in Valldemossa

Valldemossa is a well-known mountain village located in the Tramuntana mountains & is famous for its Carthusian Monastery where the famous classical musician Chopin stayed for one winter. You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings with a natural terrain of hills, forests and traditional architecture. Stroll around the cobbled streets and notice the peaceful lack of cars. You can visit Valldemossa’s Real Cartuja (Royal Carthusian Monastery), where you can visit the church, old pharmacy & of course the monastery which one once a part of King Sancho’s palace.

The area is also extremely popular with hikers, due to its location within the Tramuntana mountain range, with peaks such as the Puig des Teix providing stunning vistas and exciting climbs. If you don’t fancy mountain climbing, then Valldemossa is located only one mile away from the coast! With easy access to quiet, secluded beaches. Offering peaceful relaxation for anyone who ventures there.

Things to do in Deià

Deià will enchant you with its romantic small restaurants with local cuisine, located along the coast, the small village is close to Valldemossa, only 16km away. It has been said that Deià is the most enchanting villages in Mallorca. So much so that it has earned the landscape award from the World Heritage Sites, given for its amazing blend of nature, culture & traditions.

You’ll be excited to know that despite its small size Deià has a Michelin star restaurant, Es Raco d’Es Teix where you can enjoy some of the finest cuisines on the terrace with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. You can also expect to find popular hiking routes include the hike up to Miramar monastery, and Sa Foradada, a breathtaking peninsula with an unforgettable lookout point.

Things to do in Sóller

Sóller lies just inland and offers numerous art galleries and museums, vintage trains and endless orange groves in a valley surrounded by mountain peaks up to 1000 metres.

The name of Sóller comes from the Arabic word “Sulyer” which means Golden Valley. You can take the old tram from Sóller to Puerto de Sóller, passing the peaceful gardens and orange groves another very popular fishing harbour in a beautiful natural bay where it’s lovely to sit on the beach or on one of the terraces along the promenade. Fornalutx has been voted the most picturesque village of Spain. It’s remarkable for its unique location and is known for its many hiking trails and unique architecture.

Puerto de Sóller has an idyllic seafront with an exceptional beach that is complemented by the clear blue ocean. It has seen an upgrade in recent years, giving it a modern stylish edge, mixed with the traditional architecture and surrounding mountains. The promenade offers a peaceful strong along the seafront, lined with tasty restaurants & cafes for a bite to eat. You will even find boat tours, excursions & watersport activities if you want to get out into the ocean.

Top things to do in West Mallorca

There are many more places & sites to visit in the West of Mallorca, you can visit the historic sanctuary & pilgrimage site of Santuari de Lluc, a tranquil place that has a fascinating museum and a lavish garden that dates back to the 13th century!

Want to visit the highest peak in Mallorca? Then you can trek up to the top of Puig Major, well close to it anyways as that zone is actually occupied by the military. But you can go up Puig de Massanella which neighbours it. Also nearby is Cúber at the valley base of Puig Major, an absolute spectacle of a reservoir that will simply leave you breathless.