Mallorca Property Market

Mallorca Property Market 22/11/18

Looking to find your dream home in Mallorca but not sure where to start or what the property market is like? With Mundo Mediterraneo finding your dream property in a market that you understand couldn’t be any easier. Here at Mundo Mediterraneo we know the property industry inside out and are always here to help you find your dream property in what people describe as the friendliest European paradise.

The Mallorca property market

The property market in Mallorca is highly influenced by foreign investors. Popular countries that look to Mallorca for a different quality of life include the UK, Germany, Belgium and Denmark among many more and one in three people who buy property in Mallorca are in fact foreign investors.

According to property values in Mallorca have increased over 4% in the first half of 2018. Higher employment, more disposable income and a strong economic stability all contribute to this promising future for Mallorcas property market.

Exclusive areas in Mallorca

Many people look to Mallorca to buy beautiful exclusive properties.The three most expensive areas to live in mallorca include:

Area Price
Port d'Andratx 6395€/m²
Bendinat 5778€/m²
Costa d'en blanes 5439€/m²

Located in the south west of Mallorca lies Port d’ Andrax. Favoured among Germans, this area is now a hot spot for properties and because of its idyllic location, you can find some of the most expensive, yet luxurious properties in Mallorca here.

Offering beautiful beach coves and breathtaking views, you will find some of the Mediterranean's best villas in Bendiant. Properties here are highly sought after and are hard to come by.

Overlooking the bay of Palmanova, Costa d’en blanes offers exclusive villas in a quiet area of Mallorca with perfect views of the sea and high quality living. Costa d’en blanes is seen by many as a Mallorcan paradise.

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The capital of Palma

The capital of Mallorca offers some of the most and unique prestigious places to live in Europe. With a wide range of property types available around the capital, if you want to be among the cultural heart of the Mediterranean, Palma in Mallorca could be the ideal location for you.

In Palma old town you can find medieval streets, traditional townhouses and even penthouses overlooking Mallorcas fabulous architectural features. If the old town is not for you Paseo Maritimo located next to Palamas harbour offers some stunning views of the coast. With the average property price being 2958 €/m² by the end of last year, the current high demand in this area has seen property prices increase in recent months.

To summarise, the property market looks positive in Mallorca. The demand is booming and the island has a lot to offer which makes it the ideal time to buy a property on this Mediterranean paradise. If you are looking to buy your dream home in Mallorca, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We are you local Mallorcan property experts who can guide you through the buying process.

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